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The 2nd Chance Paper including the contribution from the URBACT Experts that took part to our final Event in Naples are now available online!

The 2nd Chance Paper

The aim of the 2nd chance Papers is to provide useful tools to find out some of the key topics about the urban regeneration strategies promoted in the framework of the 2ND CHANCE URBACT network. Tips and examples on how communicating urban regeneration, on how to finance the reactivation of vacant buildings, on how to involve the stakeholders in the process of reactivation of those buildings, on the integration of urban commons in this process are presented in these 4 2nd Chance Papers. These documents were developed with the contribution of the Lead Expert and of the URBACT Experts involved in the 2nd Chance Project.

You can download the A IAP Gallery Booklet including all the Posters here: IAP GALLERY Booklet

Take a look our final outputs: Guidebook

Integrated Action Plans

Good Practice Compilation

PDF 11.12.2017